PLACES OF INTEREST NEARBY: suggested escursions Holiday Home Fieschi Basilica and the Slate Itinerary (at 11 km) With a short drive of just 11 km you will be immersed in the medieval atmosphere of the village of San Salvatore di Cogorno with its basilica built in 1244 by Pope Innocent IV Sinibaldo Fieschi. From here you can easily access The Slate Itinerary, a series of trails which used to link the coast to the slate quarries of Mount St. James (Monte San Giacomo). Gambatesa Mine - The Mining Museum (at 21 km) In the heart of Graveglia Valley, one of the best preserved valleys of the Ligurian Apennines, you can visit the historical mining centre of Gambatesa, from where manganese ore was extracted. You can visit the interior of the mine using the train that was once used to transport the excavated material. The aquarium, the Galata Maritime Museum, the Old Port (at 40 km) Genoa’s Aquarium is the largest aquarium in Italy and the second in Europe after the one in Valencia, Spain. It is located in Ponte Spinola, Genoa’s sixteenth century port and can be reached from Genova Principe railway station, underground station "San Giorgio" and from “Genova Ovest” highway junction. The Galata - Maritime Museum is the biggest museum in his kind in whole the Mediterranean area and also one of the most modern in Italy. Opened in 2004, when Genoa was declared European Capital of Culture 2004, the museum is located in the Galata Palace (from “Galata”, an ancient Genoese overseas colony) in the old port in the Docks area where galleys were built during the Maritime Republic. Portofino (at 10 km) Located in the bay at the foot of the promontory that bears its name (Monte di Portofino), last town of the Tigullio Gulf, Portofino is part of a regional natural and marine reserve. Well-known around the World as the very symbol of elite tourism in Liguria, overlooking the beautiful bay with a natural harbor that berths luxurious yachts all year round. Camogli and San Fruttuoso (at 15 km) The enchanted village of San Fruttuoso is nestled in the promontory of Portofino and has an ancient abbey, which deserves to be visited. The village is accessible only on foot or by boat. Camogli is famous for the fish festival. Sestri Levante (12km) Well-known for its two beautiful coves (the Bay of Silence and the Bay of the Fairy Tales), The Andersen Award, its promenade and its beaches. Genoa: The Church of San Lorenzo, the historic center (at 40 km) The church of San Lorenzo is the cathedral of the diocese of Genoa. It was consecrated in San Lorenzo in 1118 by Pope Gelasius II Gaetani (or Caetani), when it was not yet finished and the facade was to be built. Cinque Terre (at 45 km) Cinque Terre is a jagged coastline of the Riviera di Levante, situated in the province of La Spezia, between Punta Mesco and Punta Montenero, in which there are five villages or, as it was in ancient times, lands (“Terre” in Italian), i.e. Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. Chiavari (3km) In Old Town the antique market is held every second weekend of each month. The passage to the sea and the "straight alley" worth a visit. Lavagna (4 km) The long sandy beach, the largest marina in Italy and the Torta dei Fieschi, that takes place on 14th August in medieval costume Basilica dei Fieschi e la via dell'ardesia (km 11)